My crystal Valentine!

by Mel Rom, Rom Designs on 8 February, 2014

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner on 14th February.

As romantic as we are here at Rom Designs and as much of a cream puff is my heart, I’ve never enjoyed Valentine’s Day more than when I was quite young and still in elementary school back in Canada. It was a cutesy time of celebration when we exchanged homemade (some had store bought) Valentine’s Day cards with each other, some of us even sent one to our favorite teachers.   If you want to know where the celebrations of Valentine’s Day originated, the hows and the whys you can check it out here.

As I grew into adulthood, I realized that the day wasn’t at all what it perhaps should be.

I didn’t like it much and I guess I still don’t in some ways and that is mainly because I think when you love someone you should tell them often, maybe not every day but often enough for them to feel loved.  There are many ways to show somebody you love them, even if you can’t say it so much!

What I do love is when somebody takes the time to make something for me, something that is special only to me and that nobody else has.  I am a sucker for all things handmade and handed down.  The older the better and if it’s unique to my family and I can hold on to it long enough to pass down to my children, even better still!
Made with Love2My husband found out very early in our relationship that flowers were definitely not the way to my heart.  Quite simply, I don’t have a green thumb and manage to kill everything plant based that I see let alone touch and have to be responsible to water, care and just generally provide the nurturing that it needs to flourish!  I guess I’m more of a people person.  I loved chocolate so much that it wasn’t special if he bought it for me because I would by so much of the darn stuff for myself!  I’ve since curbed my appetite for chocolate unless it involves champagne and strawberries…. and not necessarily in that order!  He was however very artsy and talented with a sewing machine and soon learned that a gift made for me was better than any store bought gift could ever be!  He would make dress and business suits and surprise me with the home/handmade gifts at special occasions.  Now I’m not saying that everyone is crafty and talented like my husband and for those who are not, there are still affordable options out there.

Put some thought into the occasion and whom you are buying for and perhaps there is something you could have made for them by someone else.  Google has made everything so much easier to find!  You could check at the local haberdashery or craft retailers who may either have someone on staff who commissions work or they could put you in touch with once of their customers.

Our Rom Designs Birthstone Tree of Life was designed with this in mind.   We will work with you to craft something unique to you and your family alone, that can be passed down for generations. You decide what people you would like to capture by their birth months and we’ll entwine the crystals one by one by our own hand on either gold filled or sterling silver wire, with the wire remaining unbroken which symbolizes your never ending love.

The one thing about handmade or custom made gifts is that you need to remember not to leave it to the last minute in order to give plenty of time for the craftsmen to work their magic!

So now we are left with one more thing to say…….Happy Valentine's Day paid $1

Hello November

by Mel Rom, Rom Designs on 2 November, 2013










Hi everyone!

Welcome to November!  In our house, November is birthday month for our son Mitchell and celebration preparations are well underway.  Well, actually, only in my mind but I’ll work it out!  Mitchell is in not into crystals or jewellery so I’m happy to be able to share my thoughts with you.

webFinal 24romTopaz is one of our favourite colours to work with.  Perhaps it is because of the magical powers it fosters, or maybe the healing functions that assist in the releases of physical tension.  I needed a little stress relief this week and wore some topaz which made me feel a little more confident that I could get through a particularly taxing meeting.  Necklace 001 011v2

You won’t have trouble find something in your wardrobe to complement your topaz jewellery either.  Have a look at these colours that work so well together.  Blues, greens, browns… it works!

Topaz has been around for centuries and can be found in a variety of colours being orange, yellow, pink, white, blue, grey, green, brown and clear!   I bet some of us have been wearing Topaz over the years and didn’t even know it!

Do you wear Topaz or is it your birthstone?   We’d love to hear from you.

Love and light,

Mel signature ScriptinaPro

Breast Cancer Awareness month

by Mel Rom, Rom Designs on 23 October, 2013




Well if you didn’t already know it, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This hideous disease wreaks havoc people’s lives.

We all know either someone going through it or has been through it themselves.

This month is all about raising awareness and perhaps finding an opportunities to get involved whether by donation or attending events or even simply remembering someone who has been touched by cancer…. any cancer.




We recently attending a Women In Business WA event at the beautiful Amanzi Guest House where we showcased our new Breast Cancer Awareness Circle of Life along with other baubles from our collection and we were thrilled to receive amazing feedback.






This Breast Cancer awareness range came to life during my own battle with breast cancer as I wanted to find a way to give back to the community that has helped me during my time of need.  We have pledged to donate $20 from the sale of every Rom Designs Cancer Awareness Circle of Life not only for the month of October but for always.

The beautiful team at Breast Cancer Care WA are exceptional and provide much needed support to those affected by breast cancer.  I take part in Breast Cancer Click which is an online forum at no cost to you other than your time.  The Click is a support site for those with breast cancer and their supporters and is a place for you to connect with others, share your experiences in a safe environment and know you are not alone.  My schedule doesn’t always allow me to take part but I jump in every chance I get.  The women are real, the stories are real and the support is real! I urge you to share this value resource with someone you believe may benefit.


COLBCNWA02One lucky person will walk away with this little beauty that we crafted especially for Breast Cancer Care WA, so be sure to check out their events to be in the running!

This Circle of Life pendant has over 100 Swarovski crystals in the branding colours of Breast Cancer Care WA entwined on either Gold filled or Sterling Silver wire.  It is reversible having silver on one side and gold on the other with a bail large enough to put your choice of chain which makes it versatile for maximum wear.  Good luck!

I started a Facebook Page called, “I Will Survive, Hey, Hey” which documents my journey from the start.  The idea was to document my journey for my children just in case that genetic mutant should ever come knocking on their door.  A number of people of told me how my story has helped them cope with their own experiences and perhaps it could help you too.

We would be so happy to discuss how we can craft a keepsake Tree of Life or Circle of Life for you or your loved one.

Love and light,

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Win these stunning handmade Swarovski crystal earrings!

by Mel Rom, Rom Designs on 15 June, 2013



As Mel prepares to participate in this year’s Purple Bra Day on 21 June 2013 in support of West Australian’s being diagnosed with breast cancer, her mind has wandered into the jewellery collection and more importantly wondering what accessories she will wear with said purple bra!

She’s getting excited and since it’s difficult to contain her excitement at times, Mel has the overwhelming urge to give something away.

So one lucky doer will have the chance to win this stunning pair of Swarovski Crystal Amethyst earrings from her own Rom Designs collection.

Here you go, no strings attached……

All you need to do is head over to our Rom Designs Facebook Page, “Like” our page, share the page with your friends and then leave a comment about your favourite colour or crystal!


Good luck and look out for the announcement of the winner on 6 July!

Love and light…..

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Mae’s 80th Birthday Surprise

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