Birthstone Chart

Swarovski® crystal is the finest quality, full-lead crystal available.  The crystal is faceted with tremendous precision creating beautiful prisms of light.  Brilliant colours and several coatings are added to these crystals to create perfect beads of dazzling beauty in a variety of shapes and sizes.   More info on Swarovski® products here.

Rom Designs made the decision at the very beginning of their jewellery crafting journey to use only Swarovski® crystals in their designs.

There are traditional and modern lists of birthstones which only differ for the months of June, October and December.

June traditionally is Pearl and Alexandrite.  Since Alexandrite is basically light amethyst in colour we have chosen to use Swarovski® Light Amethyst.  October is traditionally Opal and Tourmaline which is a pinkish colour.  We have chosen to use Swarovski®v Rose.  December traditionally is Turquoise and Blue Topaz.  We have chosen to use Swarovski® Blue Zircon.  If you wish to substitute for more of a traditional stone please contact us and we will try to accommodate if Swarovski® has the colour available.



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