Our Tree of Life Story

Rom Family

Hi and welcome!!!  My name is Marianne Rom and I am pictured here with my husband Rhay, our son and daughter (plus my mother and mother-in-law because family is family does!) and collectively we are ROM DESIGNS – this is our Tree of Life story.

Since 2005, we have been handcrafting unique pieces of wearable art that is completely individual to the wearer.  Our promise is that we will create each piece with love, by our own hands, thereby ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.  We trust you will cherish your creation for years.

Tree of Life BirthstoneAt the centre of our collection is our ‘Tree of Life’ created from the finest materials, using over 1.5 metres of Fine Silver, Sterling Silver or Gold Filled wire with dazzling Swarovski crystals, pearls and gems entwined.

Each piece is designed according to the birthstone of the months to suit the client.  This ensures a “life vibration” is transferred through the crystals.  For example, Grandma’s creation could include the crystals for her children, grandchildren or even both and is the perfect gift for girls to have a keepsake from their own family before setting off to start her own.

The tree itself is formed from a single unbroken piece of wire, entwining the crystals and forever remaining, symbolically binding the wearer to their loved ones. The inspiration for this creation stemmed from my desire to create a symbol representing the everlasting bond of love and our collection of family heirlooms following the loss of many loved ones early in life and my own battle with breast cancer.  Having faced my own mortality, my focus was on creating commemorative keepsakes that would provide comfort and beauty for generations to come. And if that isn’t enough I love sparkles, bling and jewels from yester-year, the older the better!

Rhay’s inspiration is drawn from his native homeland, the Philippines, and he comes from a long line of master cutters, furniture and clothing designers and manufacturers. This man’s designability is beyond belief.  From handmade business suits in my corporate wardrobe to making most of the furniture in our home to creating games for our entire family to play, he’d win the prize for most creative. If we don’t have it and can’t afford to buy it, he’ll find a way to make it!

“Every Rom Designs Tree of Life becomes a wearable work of art that we trust will be cherished well into the fArchbishop Tree of Lifeuture as it has been passionately created by our own hands using crystals that are unique to the individual.” With proper care your creation can be worn and cherished for years.

In addition to our birthstone range, Brides can commemorate their wedding day with a stunning crystal and pearl creation finished with a beautiful crystal heart, or we can create a piece to match a dress for that special event or someone might just want one in their favourite colour. Our pieces can be worn for a glitzy night on the town or even with T-shirt and jeans.”   We also design with children in mind and cover birth to Holy Communions to school balls. Our branded Tree of Life has become a hit with retiring school Principals and even Archbishops!

One of our gorgeous clients wrote,” I felt so blessed when my gorgeous package arrived and I opened it to discover a beautiful Tree of Life.  The thing that struck me most was that the feeling of love and attention to detail was tangible.  Marianne and her hubby make these amazing pieces out of one continual wire, carefully adding gems and crystals as they go.  The pieces are beautiful and delicate and you can sense the love and passion that is put into each piece.  My TOL has the birthstones of myself and my children and perhaps it is the crystals which bring such a special feeling when I wear it.  In today’s world of mass produced jewellery, Rom Designs produce beautiful, individual, hand crafted pieces which are all individual and tailored to your requirements.  Whether you have a specific colour in mind, or wish to have your tree represent the birthstones of your family (like mine) or just your own birthstone – it doesn’t matter.  Marianne will listen to your needs and create a piece specifically for you.”

We would be delighted to work with you to create something special for that very hard to buy because they already have everything loved one in your life!

Our website is a work in progress so if you don’t see what you’re after here, please drop me an email or join us on our Facebook Page Rom Designs.