We are so delighted to hear all about what makes your creation so special to you.  Here are some of your comments.


I felt so blessed when my gorgeous package arrived and I opened it to discover a beautiful Tree of Life.  The thing that struck me most was that the feeling of love and attention to detail was tangible.  Mel and her hubby make these amazing pieces out of one continual wire, carefully adding gems and crystals as they go.  The pieces are beautiful and delicate and you can sense the love and passion that is put into each piece.  My TOL has the birthstones of myself and my children and perhaps it is the crystals which bring such a special feeling when I wear it.  In today’s world of mass produced jewellery, Mel produces beautiful, individual, hand crafted pieces which are all individual and tailored to your requirements.  Whether you have a specific colour in mind, or wish to have your tree represent the birthstones of your family (like mine) or just your own birthstone – it doesn’t matter.  Mel will listen to your needs and create a piece specifically for you.  — Fiona L 


I was fortunate to have a friend of a friend who hooked me up with the most imaginative and creative piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned! I was admiring the unique necklace my friend Julie was wearing one day when she told me that a good friend of hers made it. Julie explained that it’s called a Tree of Life and the birthstones represent all her family members. I just had to have one of those (or two!) I was totally blown away when I received my very own TOL on my birthday from my friend AND made a new friend in the process called Marianne Rom (and family!) – a double blessing!!  — Colleen from Canada


I received my beautiful tree of life a few years ago—all the way from Australia, custom made! It means the world to me, it represents all that is dear to me—my family and I shall treasure it always. — Julie from Canada




I got a tree of life from you 6 years ago – it still gets comments and its still my favorite!  It’s still beautiful and still sparkling!! — Nicki C. 


We received a call from Melanie, a lady I gave a business card to during an event 5 years ago. I always tell people that our keepsake pieces, Tree of Life and Circle of Life; are special pieces and to keep us in mind for that special time when it arises. Well I never imagined she would have kept us in mind for 5 years and now she says she has the perfect person for us to create a unique Tree of Life. — Melanie 


Thanks soooooooo much Mel ……… Love Love Love it and I’m sure Mum will to! — Sara S.


Had one made for my Mum….very special present for her – definitely recommended for any special Mum. — Tracy H.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Mel (Rom Designs) –

I LOVE IT!!! — Chizelle S.





Every single time I wear my necklace, I always have someone comment. I love it! — Amanda B.