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I created this print your own multi-people personal planner nearly 30 years ago because I could never find anything that truly addressed my needs.

If you need to organise more than yourself to ensure you and those you manage actually get to where they need to be and get there on time!

As a Corporate PA in my past life it was crucial that I manage the CEO’s diary and often other managers along with my own needs both personal and professional. Each year I would purchase the company branded diaries that worked very well for each Executive but not for me.  I spent less money printing my own on the office printer than the cost of the leather bound Executive diary.  Sounds sweet hey?

My husband Rhay is a musician, very talented but highly unorganised with a terrible memory. The package came with his Mum who didn’t drive so the organising of who needed to get where and when was left up to me. My planner worked at treat.

And then the children came along and I still needed to organise my Boss, my husband, my mother-in-law and first my son and then our daughter.  Things tick along so smoothly when you can see on one page where everyon has to be and at what time.

Over the years many PA’s and Professionals have used my planner but only because I have printed for them as a personal favour or gift. They have been hounding me for years to make it available to anyone who truly needs their life organised.

This story is far from finished so stay tuned for more later……

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